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Theatre Yearbook

The Japanese Centre of ITI has published ‘Theatre Yearbook’ since 1972.

The annual publication is available in two volumes: Theatre in Japan (an English-language book aimed at overseas readers, covering developments in the Japanese performing arts) and Theatre Abroad (a Japanese-language book about overseas performing arts for Japanese readers).

The ‘Theatre Yearbook’ is globally distributed to various performing arts organizations, cultural departments of embassies, culture centers, university libraries, etc., free of charge.

From 2011, the Japanese Centre of ITI has also edited and published scripts of the plays featured in the Theatre Born in Conflict Zones series.

The Japanese Centre of ITI welcomes new subscribers, suggestions of topics related to performing arts that you would like to covered in Theatre in Japan, and inquiries from writers in other countries who can contribute to Theatre Abroad. Please contact us at

Commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

●Contents of ‘Theatre Yearbook’