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Theatre Born in Conflict Zones 8

Our project Theatre Born in Conflict Zones 8 will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Atelier West) from the 14th to 18th December 2016!

In this year, we will introduce 2 plays – White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by Nassim Souleimanpour from Iran and the Jihad (Djihad) by Ismaël Saidi from Belgium.

For the Jihad, we will invite Mr. Ismaël Saidi and its producer/tour manager Ms. Deborah de Lieme Abisror as the guest speakers.

*Language:Japanese (No translations/subtitles)

About the project Theatre Born in Conflict Zones

ITI (International Theatre Institute) , under the NGO organization of UNESCO, organizes its project called “Theatre Born in Conflict Zones” in all over the world to achieve world peace through performing arts.

As one of the “Theatre Yearbook” special project, Japan Centre has been acting in collaboration with this project and has carried out “Theatre Born in Conflict Zones” since 2009.

We have had seven opportunities so far and we have researched and translated texts yet unknown in Japan, introducing 19 pieces from various regions and countries to the Japanese audiences. This is the 8th production of the “Theatre Born in Conflict Zones” in Japan and we would like to contribute to promote peacebuilding operations between countries.

Production period
December 14th(Wed)-18th(Sun), 2016

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Atelier West)(first basement level)

(ITI members: JPY1,000/High school students or under: JPY600)

Japanese Centre of ITI, in association with Aurora Nova presents
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit  (from Iran)
No rehearsals, no director, a sealed script and a different performer each night. White Rabbit Red Rabbit, by Iranian author Nassim Soleimanpour, is a potent reminder of the transgressive and transformative power of theatre.

Written by Nassim Souleimanpour
Translated by Tomoko SEKI

Date & Time of the production and actors:
12/14 (Wed)  19:30 Genki HORI (Saitama Next Theater)
12/15 (Thu)   19:30 Fusako URABE
12/16 (Fri)  19:30 Keitoku TAKADA (A Laboratory of Play:Ban’yu Inryoku)
12/17 (Sat) 14:00 Mikari

This play was originally produced by Volcano Theatre in association with Necessary Angel and Wolfgang Hoffmann.

Dramaturgy by Daniel Brooks and Ross Manson

Jihad (Djihad) (from Belgium)
Three young people from Belgium who are the second generation immigrants head to the battlefields of Syria.

Written by Ismaël Saidi
Translated by Seigo TANOKUCHI

Directed by Misaki SETOYAMA(Minamoza)

Performed by
So KUSAKABE, Ryuji MORI, motoori-saikyou-satoshi and Kenshiro NAKATA

Date and time of the production
12/17 (Sat) 19:00
12/18 (Sun) 14:00
*Scheduled to invite Mr. Ismaël Saidi (Writer) and Ms. Deborah de Lieme Abisror (Producer/Tourmanager for the Jihad)  to have a theater talk event.

Japanese translation rights arranged with SACD, through le Bureau des Copyrights Français, Tokyo.

Organized by
Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute (ITI)

Supported by
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Produced by
Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute (ITI)
Agency for Cultural Affairs commissioned project “Program for Nurturing Upcoming Artists Leading the Next Generation”
“Theatre Yearbook” special project 2017

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